Management and collaboration

Warm Springs Natural Area is protected under the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act, outbound link which provides specific guidelines on how the property is restored, preserved, managed and used.

Under the SNPLMA and through collaborative efforts with regional, state and federal stakeholders, the Southern Nevada Water Authority maintains strategic goals and objectives for the Warms Springs including:

  • Protect the endangered Moapa dace and native species.
  • Restore habitat and preserve ecological integrity of the property.
  • Support low-impact public use.
  • Promote public education opportunities.
  • Preserve cultural and historic resources.

Stewardship plan

In partnership with local, state and national stakeholders, the Southern Nevada Water Authority outbound linkmaintains a stewardship plan for Warm Springs. The collaborative plan provides a framework and direction for management.

Note: To read the Stewardship plan you may need to download Adobe Reader.