Reptiles and Amphibians

Reptiles and amphibians of Warm Springs Natural Area

Crawling, slithering, or jumping, reptiles and amphibians can be found in varying habitats (depending on the species) at Warm Springs Natural Area. Some of the slowest (desert tortoise) and quickest (lizards) can be found, and catching a glimpse of any one is a treat.

Here are some of the reptiles and amphibians found at Warm Springs:

Desert horned lizard Phyrnosoma platyrhinos

Desert horned lizard

(Phrynosoma platyrhinos)

2014 SP Landscape Awards

Desert tortoise

(Gopherus agassizii)

Pacific Tree Frog

Baja California tree frog

(Pseudacris hypochondriaca)

Desert banded gecko

(Coleonyx variegatus)


To learn more about the plants and wildlife at Warm Springs, read our Biological Resources and Management Reportdownload-adobe

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