Mammals of Warm Springs Natural Area

From bighorn sheep to kangaroo rats, mammals large and small are drawn to Warm Springs Natural Area for its water supply, vegetation and available food supply.

The mammals seeking food and shelter at Warm Springs include a large and diverse population of bats, with several bats roosting in the abundant palm trees here.

Here are some of the mammals found at Warm Springs:

Merriam’s kangaroo rat | Dipodomys merriami

Merriam’s kangaroo rat

(Dipodomys merriami)

 Desert bighorn sheep

(Ovis canadensis nelsoni)



(Canis latrans)

Western yellow bat

 Western yellow bat

(Lasiurus xanthinus)


To learn more about the plants and wildlife at Warm Springs, read our Biological Resources and Management Reportdownload-adobe

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