Invertebrates of Warm Springs Natural Area

Invertebrates, animals without backbones, make up the largest and most diverse number of species at Warm Springs Natural Area. Invertebrates found at Warm Springs include butterflies, dragonflies, beetles and snails. Several Warm Springs invertebrates are found nowhere else in the world. The Moapa naucorid (Limnocoris moapensis, an aquatic true bug), the Moapa pebblesnail (Pyrgulopsis avernalis), and the Moapa Warm Springs riffle beetle (Stenelmis moapa, an aquatic beetle) are endemic to Warm Springs.

Here are several examples of invertebrates that are found at Warm Springs.

Moapa riffle beetle

Moapa riffle beetle

(Stenelmis moapa)

Old World swallowtail Papilio machaon

Old world swallowtail

(Papilio machaon)



(Aphonopelma spp.)

Moapa pebble snail (lower pederson 09)

Moapa pebblesnail

(Pyrgulopsis avernalis)


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