Birds of Warm Springs Natural Area

Warm Springs Natural Area’s riparian woodlands, mesquite forests, retired pastureland and wetlands welcome an abundant and diverse variety of bird species. Here are a few of the 218 species of birds download-adobe that may be found at Warm Springs:

Vermillion Flycatcher2.0

Vermilion flycatcher

(Pyrocephalus rubinus)

Gambel’s Quail | Callipepla gambelii

Gambel’s quail

(Callipepla gambelii)

Razor Falcon/Dragonfly

American kestrel

(Falco sparverius)

Great horned owl

(Bubo virginianus)


To learn more about the plants and wildlife at Warm Springs, read our Biological Resources and Management Reportdownload-adobe

Note: To read the Biological Resources and Management Report, and the birding list noted above, you may need to download Adobe Reader.