Warm Springs Natural Area

WSNA Currently Closed

Warm Springs Natural Area is currently closed due to a recent flood event and will remain closed until repairs are completed.


Like a gemstone stashed away in the upper Moapa Valley, Warm Springs Natural Area is an oasis in the Mojave Desert.

The 1,250-acre property, formerly known as the Warm Springs Ranch, features more than two dozen bubbling springs, rushing streams and lush wetlands. It is also home to nearly 30 sensitive species, including the Moapa dace, and more than 200 species of birds.

Visitors to Warm Springs are invited to explore a 2/3-mile trail that meanders through woodlands along two spring-fed streams. Perfect for bird-watching and sightseeing, the trail includes informational kiosks, benches and a viewing deck.

Warm Springs plays an integral role in the Southern Nevada watershed. The springs here feed the 32-mile-long Muddy River, which flows to Lake Mead, Southern Nevada’s primary drinking water source.